About Raging Bull Trading


The team of millionaire traders at RagingBull are experts at what they do, helping others take their trading skills to the next level. For years, the Raging Bull team has worked with thousands of traders, guiding them and committed to their success. At RagingBull.com, the team is committed to sharing expert insight, tips and strategies with their clients.

Beneficial to both new and experienced traders, RagingBull.com helps those looking for stock picks and ideas. Together, the expert team guides individuals on how to get started trading stocks. With a focus on education, the Raging Bull team offers a breadth of information and knowledge unparalleled to their competitors.

Founded by legendary trading gurus, Jeff Bishop, and Jason Bond, RagingBull.com offers individuals a wealth of knowledge through both products and services for experienced and new day traders. Covering all areas of the day and swing trading business including small caps, medium to large caps, biotechs, ETF’s, options, and much more. RagingBull.com has been a go-to source for those looking to get started with day trading.

The History Of Raging Bull Trading

RagingBull was originally created by professional traders Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond. After seeing the knack that Jason has for trading, Jeff began mentoring him about the art of trading and how the different approaches to the industry work. In 2010, after working together extensively, Jeff and Jason opened RagingBull.com to help other traders that are new to the industry to learn about trading, and how to earn profits as a result. Since opening, both Jeff and Jason have had the opportunity to help over 10,000 students learn about trading.

Kyle Dennis, professional trader and founder of Biotech Breakouts, entered the scene in 2012 when he signed up for Jason Bond Picks’ popular “Millionaire Roadmap.” Using exceptional dedication, Kyle became the first person in Millionaire Roadmap to make $1 million, earning him a Porsche 911 from Jason to celebrate. Today, Kyle Dennis, Jason Bond, and Jeff Bishop continue helping other individuals to achieve success in trading.

Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond, and Kyle Dennis have all created their own programs to help others learn about trading and how it works. Jeff Bishop created Weekly Money Multiplier in 2018, before moving on to create High Octane Options. Jason Bond created Jason Bond Picks, and focuses primarily on swing trading. Kyle Dennis created Biotech Breakouts, and focuses on biotech stock trading.

With varying strategies and specializations, Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond, and Kyle Dennis provide members with best in class education and training. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, Raging Bull has the credentials to help you succeed in the markets. In 2019, RagingBull was named as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America as part of the Inc. 5000 List, which recognizes companies across the country. The program landed only two spots behind Uber, making them the fastest-growing company in New Hampshire in 2019 as well.