The Forex and stock markets have had a major technological breakthrough with the introduction of online trading platforms by brokers. The major online trading platforms available in the market today allow access to stocks and Forex trading to thousands of willing investors and traders who, traditionally, had been locked out. Online trading platforms allow traders to get a much better overview of their trading portfolios in addition to harboring a host of other benefits.

Real-time trading
Trading on online trading platforms gives investors an opportunity to visualize their stocks on a real-time basis. From the moment the stocks markets open onwards, traders can keep a close eye on a second-by-second overview of how the prices are changing. The real-time trading opportunity is further enhanced by the ability of traders to make instant decisions the moment their trades hit the desired profit.

Better control
Online trading platforms offer the convenience of their ability to control trades at the click or touch of a button. The accessibility of these platforms through different devices, including smartphones and laptops, ensures that traders can achieve a seamless control of their trades, as long as they have access to the internet. From another perspective, traders get access to various key online trading platform features, such as the ability to set trades to automatically buy or sell after the stocks hit a predetermined value.

Better transactions
Most online trading platforms give investors more control over their finances, especially when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds from their stocks trading accounts. By accepting payments from various electronic payments processing platforms, online trading, as mediated by various online brokers, offers great convenience when it comes to transactions. This is as opposed to the on-the-floor trading where individuals have to take time to go to the bank to make cash transactions.

Access to training
Venturing in online trading gives you additional benefits of being able to access different, highly relevant online trading educational material. These online trading platforms allow a trader to set up a simulated trading account from where they can practice decision-making using virtual money, but on an actual trading scenario. This model is highly beneficial as it allows users to gain the necessary competency before opening the actual trading accounts for real trades.