Great stocks aren’t hard to find as long as you’re willing to look for them. The list below has a handful of options that might turn a profit for you.

Artificial intelligence is now keeping Google as a leader of innovation. Most of its revenue, however, comes from advertisement. Its cloud services are another source of yearly income. Google generates roughly $130 billion along with modern products every year.

Consider the use of leverage with technical analysis to make the most of this stock’s hefty price. Shares average at about $1,250. Since businesses haven’t outperformed Google, lately, many expect a big rally as underway.

Highs and Lows
$1,014.02—$1,287.85 for 2019.

Bargained At
Anything around $1,260 or below is cheap for the stock. Look for a low of $1,200 as a buy.

Google must reach its last high of $1,260 before it can go higher.

The art of tweeting places Twitter’s stock in a secure place of value. Shares even surged higher after Twitter allowed advertising among its active users. Twitter’s earnings history has an even stronger pattern, and the stock’s volatility often comes as large breakouts.

Twitter is trading in a price range between $40.35–$45.86. The range isn’t at the stock’s highest mark, but prices can easily hold where they are.

Technical Analysis
Twitter is currently working on a price range, and it has ample space to trade within.

Highs and Lows
$27.08–$47.91 for 2019.

Bargained At
Forty dollars for the stock.

If prices move outside of $45 or $40, devise a strategy before entering.

JingDong—the Chinese name for—generates over $60 billion every year. Its growth can’t be contained, and its technology patents continue to innovate our lives.

Stick to the fundamentals with this stock. The brand is stable, and skeptics aren’t able to shift its trajectory.

Technical Analysis
The trading range for is between $25.36 to $32.99. This range has sufficient room to sustain one and three dollar moves.

Highs and Lows
$20.27—$32.46 for 2019.

Bargained At
Look for $29.11 as an entry point.

Avoid $31 if you want to get in before a high-soaring rally occurs.

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