As we enter into quarter 4 of 2019, investing experts are uncertain about the future of the market. A hot-and-cold international trading climate and tumultuous political landscape are keeping most investors cautious this October. With that said, some stocks are still on the rise. If you are thinking about investing this October, take a look at these three hot stocks.

Dollar General
If you have watched the news lately, you’ve likely seen financial experts across a range of channels sounding the recession warning bells. Indeed, after a decade of stock market growth, many economists in the American media are projecting a recession in the next year or two.

For this reason, Dollar General (DG) — a stock that has performed very well during recessions of the past — has been a particularly hot stock for Wall Street investors this October.

Dollar General’s year-to-date return has been a shockingly high 45%, matching some of the hottest Silicon Valley tech stocks for the year. One reason experts recommend Dollar General as a hot stock to buy in October of 2019 is that investors appreciate the slow-and-steady growth Dollar General has reported in the past.

A discount dollar store isn’t the most exciting store in the world, but it’s a store that is cheap and has an extremely varied inventory, which makes it popular for shoppers on a budget. If we do end up in a recession next year, there will be millions of more shoppers suddenly on a budget, making Dollar General even more appealing for investors and retail shoppers alike.

Based out of Chicago, AbbVie is the pharmaceutical company that produces Humira. Because Humira is currently the top-selling drug in the world, AbbVie has been able to offer investors a high dividend yield of 5.7%, a dividend that will continue on through October of 2019. If a guaranteed yield is something you’re after, AbbVie is definitely the stock for you this month.

Apple has been one of the most popular stocks to own over the course of the past decade, and that fact is not changing in October of 2019. One reason why investors believe Apple’s stock will stay hot through the rest of the year is that the company just released their latest iteration of the iPhone.

Apple’s stock currently yields at 1.4%, but because the company is leveraging its returns through buying back stock, that number should continue to climb.

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