Investing in the stock market could yield significant financial returns. That said, those who intend to partake in this activity should be aware of certain inherent risks that come along with it.

The State Of The Economy
One major potential factor determining how lucrative stock market investments will be the state of the economy. It is important to realize that individual investments can be made when the economy is in an upswing. However, if a sudden or unexpected downshift occurs, once promising investments could quickly turn into losses.

In addition to a declining economy, a host of other events could exercise a negative impact over personal investments. Such events are often categorized as market volatility. Volatile events that could wreak havoc on stocks include unexpected world events, particularly in nations with strong economies or who exercise control over important natural resources like oil, as well as an increase in inflation.

As in many other aspects of life, timing is everything. For example, an individual might place significant investments in a product that is a hot commodity one minute and a passing fancy the next. Ergo, trying to predict what the future holds for a particular investment is close to impossible.

Sometimes, personal attributes can contribute to stock market struggles. One such issue can be overconfidence. This often happens to investors who have enjoyed a modicum of success. Such individuals often subscribe to the theory that their efforts have worked before and will work in perpetuity. Therefore, they might not perform due diligence or pay attention to potential red flags.

Being Too Conservative
Granted, investing small amounts of money or purchasing stocks that might not be impacted by the outside forces that other, more aggressive investments may be a safe and prudent undertaking. That said, investors that are too conservative stand little chance of yielding significant returns.

Bad Press
Everyone has heard the adage that it only takes one small bit of bad press to ruin a once solid reputation. Unfortunately, the same principle often applies to the stock market. Should an unfortunate event occur at a company or organization or someone associated with that entity is accused of malfeasance, their stock might plummet.

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