Everyone’s been through a lot lately. The investment environment is no exception to that. COVID-19 changed the landscape for many businesses. That showed in the stock prices. Plenty of airlines, hotels, and cruising businesses felt the pinch. But they weren’t the only ones. On the flip side, some other stocks have surged. And overall, since the pandemic hit the US, many stocks have started to make a comeback. Three very exciting stocks at the moment are Axon Enterprise, Zoom Video, and CrowdStrike.

Axon Enterprise is already having a ton of success in June. This company makes equipment used by police forces and security officers. Body cameras, the cloud-based storage system for them, and Tasers are all among the products produced by Axon. The unrest seen around the country has been jarring for all people. Axon, however, is well-positioned to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. An increase in the use of body cam technology is a great way to make police forces accountable, and it’s also great for Axon stock.

Zoom Video is another stock that’s been doing very well, even in the wake of COVID-19. Zoom has become a go-to solution for businesses, personal use, and even religious services across large distances. In December, about ten million people were using Zoom during any given day. By May, that had increased to about 300 million daily. This growth hasn’t just been users with free accounts, either. Though the free level of the service remains popular, plenty of people are willing to pay for such a great enterprise solution. The company’s growth has been great so far for investors. Zoom has handled every small hiccup throughout the pandemic with aplomb.

Based in Silicon Valley, CrowdStrike is a B2B company that makes security solutions for other companies. With the increase in work-from-home positions, cybersecurity has become ever more important for their clients. They also have plenty of new customers. CrowdStrike saw huge growth in the first quarter of 2020, before the lockdown. In the second quarter of 2020, though, the company racked up an 85% increase in revenue. This is a serious boon for investors. CrowdStrike’s solutions implement AI and continue to evolve in interesting and effective directions.