Jeff Bishop, Options Trading

Jeff Bishop is a professional trader and co-founder of, or also known as Raging Bull Trading. Jeff is also a committed entrepreneur, and is always looking for new ways to continue improving his trading programs. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the stock market, and has become known as a leader in the industry. While Jeff is known for his general experience and knowledge of stock trading, he specializes in ETFs and options trading.

Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond connected when Jeff was already working as a full-time trader. Jason was interested in learning more about Jeff’s strategy in trading, and worked tirelessly to master the profession. Jeff and Jason opened in 2010, which offers education and training in stock trading. In 2018, Jeff Bishop expanded his offerings through the creation of Weekly Money Multiplier, a program focused on options trading. You can stayed updated on the stock market through both & Weekly Money Multiplier.

Jeff Bishop & Nathan Bear

Jason Bond Picks, Small-Cap Stocks & Penny Stocks

Jason Bond is a professional trader and founder of Jason Bond Picks. He first became interested in trading after realizing that his career as a high school teacher would not be enough to pay off his extensive student loans. After co-founding with fellow trader Jeff Bishop, Jason went on to open Jason Bond Picks, an education and training program dedicated to penny stock trading and small-cap stock trading.

Jason Bond Picks has trained over 10,000 members since opening, and is currently ranked as the #1 stock trading advisory service on TrustPilot, a popular review website. In addition to his work with Jason Bond Picks, Jason also works with Millionaire Roadmap, which provides traders a more aggressive approach to trading using the Raging Bull Trading strategy. Jason has been featured on Forbes, The Street, Huffington Post, and, to name a few.

Jason Bond

Kyle Dennis, Biotech Stocks

Kyle Dennis

Founder, Biotech Breakouts

Kyle Dennis is a professional trader and educator with Raging Bull Trading and founder of Biotech Breakouts. He first started trading in 2012, after becoming a student for Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap. He would go on to become the first student to make $1 million in trading profits, earning him a Porsche from Jason himself. 

Thanks to his unique background in biotechnology, finance, and technical charting, Kyle entered the biotech stock industry, where he continues to see success. After working with Raging Bull Trading, Kyle Dennis created Biotech Breakouts, as a way to provide students with a complete overview of what biotech stock trading is, and how to find success. With four different programs to choose from, Biotech Breakouts and Kyle Dennis can help biotech traders find the same success that he experienced.